The new digital customer lives in social

Consumers now live their lives through social media channels, with Facebook being the most popular – visited by 1.49 billion people every month.  Being visible in consumer’s social channels is now the place to be, and where you must compete with your competitors.  Innovative solutions available through social can help you find, acquire and retain profitable customers, to help your business grow and grow.

Why use social?

Read our short FAQs to understand the importance of using social as part of your CRM and acquisition strategies.

Helping Businesses Acquire, Retain and Grow through Social

At SmartFocus we are passionate about innovating for the modern commercial society. Through The Message Cloud you’re able to utilize your killer intelligence to get the very best ROI from social.

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Close the 360 social advertising loop

Once brand new customers have been acquired through social - it doesn’t stop there.  The interactions and engagements are fed directly back into your CRM to enrich the data available.  From their you can continue reaching customers through their omni-channel journey across email, web or back into social.

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