eBook How to lift the marketing trophy this Euro 2016

It’s that time again, with the biggest European football tournament – the Euros - finally here, each nation is getting ready for another summer of highs, lows, penalties and knockouts. With the Euros full of tactics and mountains of data, marketers can leap off the bench and take notes on tips and tricks to enhance their summer digital marketing plans.

In our new football inspired whitepaper we cover:

  • Just like your fans expect a certain pitch performance, your customers expect personalization and they expect to be recognized
  • How personalization and data are a partnership. A striker can't score without the perfect set up. You can't personalize without fully utilizing your data
  • Five football inspired tactics to help you lift the marketing trophy
  • Real-life examples how you can get it right this football season
  • Winning the tournament and your customers' digital experience

Download the whitepaper and lead your marketing team to the top of the European Championship!

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