Webinar Mobile New Year's Resolutions

If you make one marketing New Year’s resolution for 2016, it should be to create, enhance or refine your mobile moments strategy.

With consumers engaging with their mobile devices 150-200 each day, that adds up to over 30 billion mobile moments each day in the US alone. Grabbing your customer’s attention in that mobile moment to drive engagement or conversions will be the biggest challenge for marketers in 2016. Those that deliver contextually relevant engagements, personalized for each customer around their location, activity and device, will be the ones who triumph.

In this exciting webinar ‘Mobile New Year’s Resolutions’, experts from SmartFocus and a guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc. will discuss the challenges and opportunities that face marketers for the future of mobile marketing by covering:

  • How mcommerce is now bigger than ever
  • Why so many marketers continue to use manual processes that don’t deliver
  • Challenges in delivering real-time personalized customer moments
  • The importance of an automation system to maintain continuous, relevant and contextual engagements
  • The top 5 mobile resolutions you need to follow in 2016

Mobile is the 2016 battleground for marketers so make sure you are well prepared and watch the webinar today. 

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