eBook Overcoming Marketing Challenges Part 3: Insights

Meaningful insights are the pinnacle of marketing intelligence

  • Do you know how many people visited your stores, purchased, or left without buying?
  • Do you know what you most loyal customer looks like and how to find more of them?
  • Do you know how to monitor track trending behaviors such as repeat refunders?
  • Do you know how to shadow customers to determine when the right time is to contact them?

Controlling and connecting multiple data sources is one thing. Taking customer data and incorporating responses and behaviors to create truly meaningful insights is another key challenge for marketers. But getting close to your customer is what every marketer wants. Insights from big data sources, turned into understandable and actionable segments, enables more exciting and better targeted campaigns.

Part 3 of our ‘Overcoming Marketing Challenges’ series focuses on insights and covers:

  • The importance of insights to create actionable segments
  • How mobile consumers and social media are adding to the headache
  • Why you must have a data insights tool and what it must do
  • The breadth of data sources that can be used to develop insights
  • A case study to show how a leading retailer achieved success through actionable insights

Read Part 3 to find out how to change your data into revolutionary intelligence.

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