eBook Overcoming Marketing Challenges Part 4: Contextualization

Context is king when communicating with customers

Delivering contextualized marketing content requires a level of sophistication that is harder than some companies would have you believe, but yields greater results than ever. When customers receive truly contextualized marketing messages, both response rates and subsequent commercial results soar.

  • 30% of marketers blindly send messages regardless of profile or location
  • 63% of companies cannot track customer journeys and serve relevant content accordingly
  • 68% do not personalize their web experience based on demographics and behavior
  • 72% are not personalizing based on contextual information, eg location

Our whitepaper reveals:

  • The importance of consumers being always connected
  • Why consumers trade personal information for personalized experiences
  • The more you know your customer, the better your relationship can be
  • Content may be king, but mobile is definitely queen

Find out what contextualization can mean for you, how to achieve it and how SmartFocus helped Peak Performance realize their potential.

A contextual approach is now not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’. Read Part 4 to discover how to deliver contextualized marketing content.

Topic Contextualization

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