Webinar Personalizing Shopper Communication: One-to-one Marketing Finally Arrives

Personalizing your outreach to shoppers is more important than ever as consumers now face a flood of commercial messages online and offline. But rising above all that noise takes more than shouting louder with the same broad messaging. Online marketers win today by making every message to an individual shopper as personally relevant as possible.

Keynote speaker Omer Minkara, Research Director of Aberdeen Group, will show how big data, predictive analytics and store-based beacon technology work together in new ways to provide a single view of the customer as never before.

You’ll learn from real-life retailer examples how enriched detail on shoppers and shopper segments drives sales and traffic by delivering the right message to the right shopper at the right time – no matter how they’re connected or where they are on the path to purchase.


Topic Personalization

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