About SmartFocus

Context-aware marketing for a mobile world

The world has changed. Consumption has blurred into one seamless experience, which is both physical and virtual. Consumers no longer distinguish between channels - convenience, immediacy and availability are all that matters. 

Your customers don’t like being marketed at, but they are willing to tell you what they want and when they want it, in return for better, more personal service.

At SmartFocus, we have the technology to help you truly know your customer and engage them with the right message, at the perfect moment, wherever they are – in store and online across all of their preferred channels. 

SmartFocus is the Internet of Everything solution for brands.  It includes beacon technology that knows when your customer visits a physical store; real-time predictive recommendations generated at the precise moment they open your email; and powerful insights that use smart analysis of Big Data to effortlessly generate a truly personal experience.  

Every year, we execute more than five million marketing campaigns, manage more than five billion customer records, and deliver more than 55 billion personalized interactions.

Global brands such as Macy's, HP and Mercedes-Benz rely on SmartFocus to deliver business-critical, joined-up marketing campaigns that make a difference to their customers and to the growth of their business.

Partner Organizations

SmartFocus is a member of organizations dedicated to responsible email marketing.


Certified Senders Alliance

An alliance dedicated to ensuring that truly wanted emails, sent by serious senders, get to their destinations smoothly.


Email Sender & Provider Coalition

A coalition formed to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate email.

Signal Spam

Signal Spam

A non-profit public/private partnership promoting a trustworthy network of organizations dedicated to fighting spam.