Our Customers

SmartFocus is trusted by thousands of brands globally

Explore some of our clients and their successes, and see how they are driving campaign performance and customer lifetime value.

1A - House of Fraser

“Using SmartFocus’ innovative technology, we are able to uncover actionable insights from a wealth of customer data and deliver relevant and consistent experiences for every customer – across all of our channels.”

1A - HP

"SmartFocus is HP's marketing engine for the Internet of Everything. It gives HP and our clients unrivalled insight and enables us to communicate with our customers in a relevant, timely and targeted way, irrespective of where they are or what device they are using."

1A - Mercedes-Benz

"Using SmartFocus, we’re now able to measure and learn from the performance of our email marketing."

A - Galeries Lafayette

"We can update our customer database and create greater consistency between landing pages and the emails that we send - all in a matter of minutes."

A - Hobbycraft

"We will be able to deliver much more personalized and targeted communications to our customers that will drive engagement with the brand as well incremental behavior across all channels."

A - Skullcandy

"We’re looking forward to continuing our work with SmartFocus, meeting our customers’ expectations, delivering segmented content based on prior purchase history and engagement, and driving new revenue opportunities."

B - Astley Clarke

"We’ve experienced a  60% uplift in site conversion with 6% of our online monthly revenue coming directly from personalized recommendations."

B - Atterley Road

"Through its expert personalized product recommendations, SmartFocus facilitates a meaningful proportion of our revenue every month."

B - Betterware

"SmartFocus allows us to send branded transactional emails that benefit from increased deliverability rates."

B - Future Electronics

"The SmartFocus platform has enabled us to be more efficient and more targeted in our campaigns, helping us to achieve higher ROI from our marketing efforts."

B - Handpicked Collection

"Not only does SmartFocus help our customers to find the ideal gifts, but we have also seen an immediate return on investment."

B - Labelhabitation

"SmartFocus enabled us to increase the turnover of all group sites. The SmartFocus platform allows us to accurately segment our database and send lots of emails, quickly, and with excellent deliverability rates."

C - Peak Performance

"SmartFocus enables us to drive revenue by engaging customers with personalized, real-time marketing. We’ve been using SmartFocus for over four years and we see them as the perfect partner."

C - SmartWool

"The key factor that drove us to SmartFocus was the usability of their browser-based solution."


"Going forward, I expect that nearly every part of our business will benefit from SmartFocus. To date, its impact has been exceptional."