SmartFocus Solutions

Context-aware marketing for a mobile world

The Internet of Everything is the macro-trend of connectedness that's changing the way customers shop. With more than half of online visits and a third of eCommerce transactions now coming from mobile devices, mobile and proximity marketing are more important than ever. 

At SmartFocus, we have capabilities to provide context-aware marketing for a mobile world. Our technology will help you truly know your customer and engage them with the right message, at the perfect moment, wherever they are – in store and online across all of their preferred channels.

In Place. In Time. Insight.

Internet of Everything


SmartFocus automatically pinpoints your customer’s location and uses what you already know about their past behavior and preferences to predict their next purchase.



SmartFocus automatically creates a truly personal experience for every customer, online and offline, using unique algorithms based on each customer’s preferences and behaviors.



SmartFocus leverages any type of content on the web to help you to understand what your customers want, identify your key influencers and capitalize on market trends.




SmartFocus delivers highly personalized emails with content that adapts in real time. Every email is personalized when the email is opened - not when it’s sent.


Predictive Marketing

SmartFocus helps you to understand customer buying behavior by integrating with your existing ERP and other data sources to present all your customer data in one place.