Stores, websites, social pages and emails that react to each individual in real time 

What if instead of just one website, you had thousands, each tailored to the needs of the customer visiting in that exact moment? What if your customers had the same experience in store?

SmartFocus automatically creates this experience online and offline, using unique algorithms based on each customer’s preferences and behaviors. Personalization starts to work right from the very first visit – that means more sales for you and increasing customer loyalty.

Create personal online and offline shopping experiences

SmartFocus creates a seamless experience that’s tailored to each customer.

  • Serve up highly relevant recommendations and offers based on your customer’s web purchase behavior, favorite content and location
  • Make intelligent offers tailored to each customer’s needs using dynamic discounts, vouchers or free delivery
  • Integrate with your marketing ecosystem so each customer’s journey is unique across all channels
Use a recommendation engine fueled by behavioral targeting to personalize offers online and in-store.

Stop abandonment in its tracks

SmartFocus immediately identifies customers who’ve visited your website or store but abandoned mid-purchase and helps you to encourage them back.

  • Automatically trigger site abandonment emails to customers who’ve left without purchasing
  • Deliver personalized offers online or to your customer’s location using purchase behavior, demographic and real-time data
  • Turn browsers into buyers in just minutes
Reduce basket abandonment with personalized web experiences that deliver offers your customer can’t refuse.

Convert fans into fanatics

SmartFocus uses each customer’s social profile and browsing behavior to make compelling, personalized offers via Facebook and other social channels.

  • Leverage social trends to enrich your customer’s recommendations
  • Convert awareness through your fans and into their circles 
  • Build active recommendations based on who and what your subscribers know
Use social media personalization and behavioral targeting to convert customers and deliver great content.

Turn first time buyers into second, third and fourth time purchasers

SmartFocus knows where your customers go and personalizes those channels based on your knowledge of them.

  • Automate welcome campaigns on email, social or in-app, and recommend the right products
  • Personalize your channels based on customer history and behavioral data
  • Use insights to predict which products first-time customers will want next
Implement automated email marketing and personalized online channels to improve the customer journey.

Boost conversions by over 40%

SmartFocus generates personalized experiences for customers that you don’t know yet – right from their first click.

  • Recommend products based on individual behavior
  • Create web pages in real time
  • Personalize to the individual, not the demographic
Introduce a personalized online shopping experience by utilizing full customer channel personalization.