Blog The consumer first approach - a joint talk by Session Digital and PredictiveIntent

As I’m sure you will no doubt already be aware, Emailvision recently acquired PredictiveIntent, a pioneer in behavioural targeting and predictive analytics technology. Neil Hamilton, CEO and Founder of PredictiveIntent will be giving a joint talk at the upcoming eCommerce Expo with Richard Jackson, Director of Session Digital (also an Emailvision partner), so I thought I would give a plug to some of our Emailvision family!

Session Digital is a great advocate of the ‘Consumer First’ approach when undertaking an eCommerce platform build. Analysing customer behaviour, user-centric site design, creative implementation, personalisation in user experience and merchandising, are all key factors to be considered for delivering a highly profitable eCommerce experience.

In this session ‘Customer First: why putting the customer at the heart of your ecommerce build is the key to success’, Neil and Richard will discuss some of the key considerations of a user-centric site build including:

  • Key user  buying triggers and how to incorporate these into the site design process
  • How personalisation and effective merchandising can improve the consumer experience
  • Why technology shouldn’t be a barrier to a great customer experience
  • Plus some useful techniques to maximise online revenue

If you want to find out how Putting the Consumer First is the only real way to achieve great results, don’t miss their talk at eCommerce Expo at 1.30pm on 3rd October, London Olympia, Digital & Mobile Marketing Theatre.

See you there!

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