Blog TOP: 15 ways to increase customer loyalty through email marketing campaigns

In this weeks 'Top of the Week' we asked our internal experts what are the "Top way to increase customer loyalty through email marketing campaigns". This is what they said...

  • Propose new products every time
  • Offers must be interesting
  • Relevant messages to different targets
  • Personalize the messages
  • Reasonable marketing pressure (ask members how many newsletters they want to receive per week/month)
  • Add videos in your email (just a snapshot)
  • Dynamic Image personalization
  • Add ‘Facebook like’ buttons in your newsletter to promote specific products or ideas.
  • Reward loyal customers with discounts or free services
  • Encourage disloyal customers by offering something in return for their commitment to the brand
  • Use RFV (Recency, frequency, value) segmentation
  • Personalize the emails according the last clicks on the previous email campaigns
  • Make your HTML more sexy
  • Motivate your prospects with discounts, special offers limited to them
  • Mix up storytelling and social networking in your newsletter. For example invite your customers to share their experience and publish the more relevant stories in your newsletter


Find out how Filofax used storytelling and social networks to increase customer loyalty.



Thanks to Grégory Dadi, Arnaud Jolif, Kristian Evans and Maria-Teresa Moreira.

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