Blog Five Surprising Stats From 2014 That Will Help Shape Retail in 2015

They think it’s all over, it is…soon! 2014 is now almost a memory, but what a year it has been. Before we sing in 2015, it’s important to reflect on the year we’ve just had. 2014 was big for eCommerce. As we move towards a more connected world and the Internet of Everything (do you know how connected your customers are?), let’s have a look at a few surprising statistics that will shape how you approach retail and eCommerce in 2015.


27% of UK online sales were via a tablet 

Source: FactBrowser

This statistic tells you everything you need to know about 2015. While online shopping isn’t a new concept or method, the fact that customers are shopping so consistently and regularly even just on their tablets (we’re not including smartphones here) is a big deal. This means priorities for 2015 should include the integration of shopping apps for tablets (the most popular tablets being iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus and iPad Mini) and ensuring your website is responsive on tablet, too (not just a shrunken desktop – or, even worse, a blown-up smartphone – version). While online sales via tablet don’t yet match mobile, it’s simply a matter of time. 


50% of UK mobile shoppers would embrace in-store beacon technology

Source: SmartFocus

We know that a massive 85% of UK shoppers have smartphones and 31% are conscious that their Bluetooth is turned on. While men and women shop differently (our gender infographic provides a few insights!), both agree that they’d happily embrace in-store Beacon technology to gain access to discounts, product reviews, in-store mapping and other benefits that would help and improve their shopping experience.

We recently saw Samsung throw their hat into the Beacon technology ring by introducing Proximity, a direct rival to Apple’s already established iBeacon. With two major mobile players fighting it out, there’s no denying that beacons are going to shape 2015 in a big way. The exciting part? Customers are receptive and ready to listen, making this a battle we’re excited to watch.

It’s not just retail where Beacons are finding their feet. Airports around the world are trialling the technology – with great effect. How could your business benefit?


33% of UK online sales occur after 6pm

Source: IMRG

Browsing during the day and buying at night is a pattern many shoppers follow. This statistic is still surprising, though, because it shows that browsing is still a major part of the shopping process. Many shoppers will browse at work and buy later, or even the next day. It is the browsing method that is the important part. Google tell us shoppers switch between different devices up to five times a day before they make a purchase – this includes mobile, app, desktop and tablet.

What does this mean? It means that integration between your different channels is key. While you might see multiple facets of your brand, your customer only sees one you. Whether it’s in-store, your app or your website they’re using, cross-channel consistency is important. 


46% of shoppers read reviews and blogs before purchasing online


This statistic highlights the importance of social data and intelligence. Customers are savvy and will look towards their fellow shoppers for help when it comes to buying products. Plenty of retail and eCommece websites are already equipped with review functionality. While it’s virtually impossible to monitor all the review sites out there, it’s important to remember how far social comment and sentiment can spread. Remaining open and honest with customers is the way forward. 


Only 28% of US small businesses are selling their products online

Source: SBA

With mobile, tablet and apps certainly dominating 2014, it’s more than important to remember that the in-store experience isn’t going anywhere and it’s the major player for many businesses still. While 28% of small businesses in the US might not seem like a big piece of the retail pie, it really is. We know that on the other side of the pond in the UK, 90% of shopping (all verticals and sectors included), takes place in-store. With online giants like Amazon literally setting up shop on the US high street, 2015 will play host some very interesting retail stories. 


What’s your surprising or interesting fact from 2014? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your comment in the box below. 

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